I can't get through the first few steps I keep getting error messages?

Check all the the numbers you have entered, also make sure that you are clicking the buttons (done and calculate) in order. Sometimes it helps if you close the screen and re-open it again and this way you refresh the screen and the controls. Also try to read the help file and do some practice using the test files before you start your own work. Most of the problems related to error messages are generated from wrong number format for example; the using of letters such as "e or E" to represent the figure power number or the use of Comma symbol "," to represent a fraction instead of using dot symbol "."

One thing must be taken into account when dealing with numbers, check always that there is consistancy when you enter your numbers as some operating systems tend to use the Comma symbol to represent the fraction number, in this case all your fraction figures must be in the same format. This is important as it will eliminate the error messages and will not confuse the software.

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