I am getting "The file is damaged" Error message after doing the activation, what am I doing wrong?

There can be different causes to this issue:

A- You are using the Demo version of the software, Activating the Demo version is causing this problem.

You MUST download and Activate the FULL VERSION of the software.
once you do this the "File damaged" error will disappear.

1- Remove the Demo version of your computer

2- Download the FULL Version

3- Re-Activate the software

B- You are using a wrong Activation code

This could have been generated from the activation center for another product and you mistakenly thought that it can be used to activate the product in question

In this case,

1- Restart your computer

2- Run the software, the software will generate a new Site Code and MID codes. 

3- Use the activation instructions to activate the product, and make sure that you use the correct MID and Site Codes to generate the correct Activation code. 

Every product you install will generate a UNIQUE MID and SITE Codes and will require a UNIQUE Activation code


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