Required support files to run the software

Because the Condenser design software is using the latest Microsoft framework components it will not function until all the component framework is installed.
Here is what you need to do:
1- If the software installer fails to complete the download of any of the files required to run the software on your computer, this is possibly caused by a connection issue, it could be you’re your internet connection gets disconnected and needing you to reconnect, in any case you can download the files manually and install them. However because these files issued by Microsoft are large (>40 MB ) it’s recommended to install a download manager to allow you to pause and resume the downloads in case your download loses the connection, you can get a free download manager from the link below (copy and paste into your internet browser):

2- Below are all the links to required files to run the software (from Microsoft website):
a- Windows installer (that is the file that your windows operating system is complaining about!) – A small download (2 MB file);displaylang=en&id=25

if the above version of windows installed doesn’t work try the latest version available from the link below

b- Microsoft.Net framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (231 MB file)

c- Mirrosoft.Net framework 4.0 client (41 MB file)

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