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What is the system requirements for your software to run?
The software will run on Win98,Me,2000,XP,NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7 The Software will not run properly on Windows 2000 Professional.
Can your software run on Apple Mac PC?
No, only windows operating systems
What is a user database?
The user database is there for your convenience, you can add your own list of liquids for simulation. The database will allow you to load the physical properties to either sides
Could you send me information about your products?
The website has all the information you need about all products. You can find demo versions, presentations and latest prices. Please visit or and cl...
What form of payments do you accept?
Payment Options Accepted by our Authorized Reseller We want your experience to be as easy as it can. We offer a range of payment options, below is a brief description of each option and the process...

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