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Does S&THex support finned tube exchangers?
No, only bare tube exchangers
I can't get through the first few steps I keep getting error messages?
Check all the the numbers you have entered, also make sure that you are clicking the buttons (done and calculate) in order. Sometimes it helps if you close the screen and re-open it again and this way...
How do I enter steam into the software?
Activate the "Specific Enthalpy" check box then enter it
What method is used for the calculations?
Kern Method, LMTD method and NTU method for calculating exit temperatures
Does this software do any mechanical calculations?
Yes, Shell and tube software can do some mechanical calculations for the design you need. to learn more please visit the software "Functional description page"
Does the software generate a heat exchanger datasheet for my results?
Yes, from version 1.6 onwards this feature is supported
Upgrading from older versions of S&THex to v3.0
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger v3.0 Upgrade  This new version has been designed to work with Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client profile framework, unfortunately it will not support any old saved files fro...
Does S&THex support condensation?
No the software only support single phase fluids  No condensation - For condensation please see Shell & Tube Condenser Design (CnD)
Does S&THex Support Gases?
The software mainly support single phase fluids, Can also support steam, to simulate steam you must enter the "Specific Enthalpy" 
ERROR on 64-bit Windows machines: The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine.
Although the 64 Bit version can run 32 Bit software like S&THex, the coexistence of 64 and 32 bit code on the same machine can cause all sorts of seemingly strange issues, The error is generally...
S&THex Software font is oversized or doesn't appear correctly
If the software screen font looks oversized and doesn't appear readable, this can be very annoying and affect your work with the product, the problem is mainly caused due to a corrupt font or missing ...
Exporting to Ms Excel Doesn't work
Check you have Microsoft Excel installed,  Also it must be a full version of excel.  You can try to use the copy button provided to copy the results, you can then paste them anywhere 

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