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Demo Clip 1 for Kettle reboiler design (Version 2.0)
The following is a demoestration clip for this software.  you can view this by clicking here the link below
Demo Clip 2 for Kettle reboiler design (Version 2.0)
Demoestration video clip for using kettle reboiler design software version 2 Please download this file from the link below: click here to download now
Demo Clip 3 for Kettle reboiler design (Version 2.0)
Video clip demoestrating the use of Kettle reboiler design software version 2.0.0 this example is in English/US Units of measurements.  Click here to download this file
Demo Clip for using Kettle reboiler software (Version 1.0.1)
This short video clip shows the software usage. Click the link below to load the clip Please Allow some time for the loading...
After the download was complete I tried to run this and a window indicating "Unpacking" appeared indicating the status and then the window closed and nothing further happened.
You must make sure that you have administrator previlage to run and install the software, Select the installation icon and right click your mouse button then select "Run as Administrator"

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