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After the download was complete I tried to run this and a window indicating "Unpacking" appeared indicating the status and then the window closed and nothing further happened.
You must make sure that you have administrator previlage to run and install the software, Select the installation icon and right click your mouse button then select "Run as Administrator"
Can your software perform analysis on different type of plates/Plate patterns?
No, the software can only do the analysis on chevron plate
Does Gasketed plate heat exchanger software includes weights/manufacturers plate layout?
No, this version will only do basic thermal analysis and will generate a summary with basic layout. Consult your supplier for weights/layout..etc
I Can't open help file i get an error "cannot open the file ....
This error is related to windows xp, Try the following 1.Make sure CHM File is on your hard drive, 2.Go "start" "run" 3.Type the following regsvr32 "c:\windows\syste...
Example - how to use PHex software
Please download the video clip from the location below:
Could not find file or assembly Mirosoft.VisualBasic.Powerpacks Vs. Version=
Please download and install the missing component from Microsoft website Or you can download the attached file and install it
What is the Channel spacing?
The channel spacing value can be normally obtained from plate manufacturers. Please see attached image that will explain what it is exactly.
I have stored plates and liquid information in the user databases, how do I upgrade to the latest version of PHex and keep the information stored?
The instructions below should be used if you want to upgrade your to the latest version of Gasketed plate heat exchanger design. This instructions assumes that you already have version 2 or 3 installe...

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