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What is the difference between the Demo and the Full versions for Double pipe heat exchanger software?
The Demo version shows all functions that is present in the full version, however some functions are not active and also some calculation results are not visible. Also the Demo version has a limit and...
Does double pipe software contains a physical property database for liquids and gases?
Version 1.0 doesn't but Version 2 has a database for estimating physical properties of pure components.
Does Double pipe software support Multi tubes?
No, only general model of hairpin type heat exchangers
Does Double pipe Heat exchanger software support finned tube?
After the download was complete I tried to run this and a window indicating "Unpacking" appeared indicating the status and then the window closed and nothing further happened.
You must make sure that you have administrator previlage to run and install the software, Select the installation icon and right click your mouse button then select "Run as Administrator"
I cannot open any of the detabases, I keep getting the message below: 713 - Class not registered.
This is very uncommon but the problem can be caused from Windows not registering a specific file called msbind.dll Here is the solution to your problem, 1) Open explorer and go to where our soft...

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