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My computer crashed and I had to format it, how do I re-activate the software?



When you format the computer the license locking parameter will change and the software will ask for a new license or activation code. if you have not followed the proper license removal instruction you can have your account in the activation center with the older activation code that will not work, 

To reset the license and allow the activation center to re-generate an new license code, the solution to this issue is simple

1- Install the software

2- Run the software to display the activation screen 

3- Visit the activation center at

4- log in with your user name and password, you should have recieved an email with this information shortly after your purchase. If you can't find it, simply use the "Forgot Password" link in the activation center main screen, your user name will be your email address that you used when you mad the purchase. if you are facing difficulty contact support at 

5-  Go to "Orders > Click on the Red icon to update your license

6- Enter your New MID and Site Codes found on the software activation screen (Red text boxes)

7- There is a small check box that says "I don't have a removal code" you must check it then click on the button to re-generate your license code

8- The system will check your parameters and issue a new activation code. 

This procedure will always work to restore your license on the computer that you originally activated the license on. Any difficulty contact us and we will check the issue. 


License replacement service is available please visit the link below:

(Please note:the license replacement service will only replace the license key - the product file isn't included assuming you still have a backup copy of the product)

If you have a valid webbusterz engineering services subscription please contact us to replace your licenses

To read more about this subscription service please visit:

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