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I don't have a Removal code, what should I do?


If you forgot to obtain a removal code and want to re-install the software on the SAME computer you had the software originally installed on then you can follow the instructions below and it should work to provide you with a new activation code.

1- Install the software

2- Run the software

3- Visit the activation centre at and login

4- Go to "Orders > Click on the Red icon to update your license

5- Enter your New MID and Site Codes found on the software activation screen (Red text boxes)

6- There is a small check box that says "I don't have a removal code" you must check it then click on the button to re-generate your license code

7- The system will check your parameters and issue a new activation code

License replacement service is available please visit the link below:
(Please note:the license replacement service will only replace the license key - the product file isn't included assuming you still have a backup copy of the product)

If you have a valid webbusterz engineering services subscription please contact us to replace your licenses
To read more about this subscription service please visit:

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